look japan you’re doing a great job and everything but when you cast your next season of the power rangers just consider this: me and my skype crew

"I hope you'll keep putting up with me"

pumpkin pie is one of my favorite foods but i have to eat it in the moment because it actually holds a lot of really terrible childhood memories for me

Anonymous asked: do you like to eat sweets? what are your favorites?

I have a real sweet tooth haha! Not really for candy, but I am a sucker for cute baked things. Like cookies and stuff. My fav sweet thing of all time is pumpkin pie haha. My family knows that whenever we have one in the house it’s not going to be in the house for a very long time. Can’t wait for Fall! <3

Anonymous asked: dmmd is NOT a gay dating sim? what is it than?

It’s an anime! Just three episodes in and already full of antics!


ok because of tumblr i literally thought dmmd was a fucking gay dating sim

fuck this website



living in the past

captain-aoba-seragaki asked: Who cares what people say,I mean people so what if you ship hetero couples,This is your art and it's flawless,Nobody or nothing cant tell you what to do it's your art,Your life,Guess what they're just going to have to deal with it,Keep doing what you're doing,Youre the one sleeping like a baby at night,#1 RULE FORGET HATERS,AND GOD BLESS U///3///U~!

I…. well I ship kouao really hard haha, but that last kouao picture I did was just a request! It was drawn in a response to an anon. I don’t draw lady aoba’s all that often and I don’t really ship kouao that way myself. I mean it’s cute, and I’m p sure it would still work, but the picture itself was mainly a request. I drew it for fun! Just like how I drew a lady sly blue right after that just to spite my mean anons haha. It’s all for fun, but if people ship them that way then that’s great too! My only issue is that I don’t like being told what I can and cannot draw? I tend to draw more terrible things just to spite whoever tries to haha. That’s a terrible habit, I know.

leporicide replied to your post: it is being brought to my attention th…

i am the greatest good you are ever gonna get

yes dear

it is being brought to my attention that some of the people talking to me are Kind Of A Big Deal image

Anonymous asked: you do you and whatever gets you drawin, but if you ever wanted to doodle dmmd lesbians thatd be stellar too~ love your style!

Thank you friend, ehehe maybe someday~~